Mostre ed Eventi - Exhibitions

Poiché il vero protagonista di Art Vinyl è la copertina stessa, abbiamo un programma di Mostre dedicate che celebrano varie tematiche nel meglio dell'arte delle copertine.


Gigolo Records


Gigolo has always been about much more than just the music. While the sound is of course central, it would not be Gigolo without a certain intangible finesse – that special extra something. Right since the start this has always been the founder’s policy: insist on better than the best. This perfectionism has been carried through to the graphic department – each cover is produced and finally approved by Gigolo founder Hell himself with painstaking attention to detail.

As any good label should be, it as much a life-style, an aesthetic, even a philosophy, as it is merely a record label. So in the ten year career of the label, the cover artwork has constantly played a critical role.

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