Mostre ed Eventi - Exhibitions

Poiché il vero protagonista di Art Vinyl è la copertina stessa, abbiamo un programma di Mostre dedicate che celebrano varie tematiche nel meglio dell'arte delle copertine.


Rock ‘n’ Roll T-Shirts

The older they are the better they look.

A common use outside of vinyl records for our Flip Frame, is for T-Shirts as the cushioning sponge finger system allows for the extra depth required for the material.

The easiest way to use the frame like this is to wrap the T-Shirt round a square piece of card or a ridged inner sleeve from a vinyl record which gives a naturally sized template to position the design. The effect is great and just like the vinyl records, in this instance you can ‘Wear & Display’ if the mood takes you.

T-Shirts look great but don’t dismiss other garments, the Flip Frame can also be a great way to frame lingerie for example.

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